Noura Brand was launched in late 1980s as a leading brand in the field of clothes care, home care and personal care. It gained great popularity, spread widely and become a leading brand in this field.
Today, after more than 30 years of launching the Brand, and after having gained the satisfaction of users all over the world, it turned to be a global brand through a wide range of its products with a name of gold around the world.

Brand business areas
“Noura” Brand specializes in clothes care, home care and personal care fields. It spread widely due to its diversified fields and users’ satisfaction. It turned to be one of the most important brands all over the world.

Home Care Products
After years of research and development, and proceeding from our constant concern to meet the needs of housewives to ensure their home are free from the germs and maintain it clean all the time, and to make things easier for her, Noura products diversified and gained the satisfaction of housewives over the previous years, driving us to continue developing them.
Home care products include Noura Gel paste, Noura Gel liquid, Noura general cleaner, Vagyl among others.

Clothes Care Products
Taking care of clothes in terms of shining cleanliness and maintenance of fabrics is our main concern. The ongoing development of clothes care products and users’ satisfaction made Noura Brand one of the leading brands in this field.
It products includes Noura automatic washing powders and the normal washing powder.

Personal care products
Given the great attention we pay to the personal care, our products have varied to meet the needs of the users in a wide variety of options, including Noura shampoo, Noura liquid soap, Noura Gel Shower, Noura shampoo, and others.