“Matiz” brand was launched in 2009 as a leading brand in the field of personal care and home care. It became a leading brand in this field.
Today, after more than 10 years of launching the Brand, and after having gained the satisfaction of users all over the world, it turned to be the outstanding brand in this field.

Brand business areas
“Matiz” specializes in personal care and home care. It spread widely and gained users’ satisfaction. It turned to be one of our most important brands today.

Home Care Products
After years of research and development, and proceeding from our constant concern to meet the needs of housewives in their daily struggle with fat, while preserving the beauty and softness of her hands, we developed the Matiz Gel fluid to serve every housewife around the world.

Personal care products
Matiz specializes in personal care products and pays high attention to it. It always strives to develop its products to keep its users happy. Its products in the field of personal care include toilet soap, hand-washing Matiz soap and Matiz Vaseline.