Madar Group

Madar Group is a well-established investment, industrial and commercial group specialized in detergents, home care, personal care as well as cosmetics and childcare products.
The Group was established in 1986 and its business has been concentrated since its inception in the Middle East and Africa. It established distribution factories and companies in Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Senegal, Angola, Cameroon and Uganda, in addition to distribution centers and agents in Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Mali, Ghana, Gabon, Chad, Central Africa, Rwanda and Tanzania.
The Group has ambitious strategic plans through which it targets new markets to make its products accessible to a largest number of consumers.

Business Categories

Our Brands

The Group has many reputable brands that are widely distributed among the target market categories, including:

Can – Madar – Noura – Can Care – More – Matiz – Get – Get Tol – Bonny – JimJam – Tefli – Nemo – Renzo – Canox – Super More – Vevo – Arti – So White and other brands in the different fields of business.

Global Care


Globally Yours

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