SoWhite is a tooth paste and tooth protector. The product has been proven over the years to be effective and user-friendly.
The formulation of the paste has been developed with the use of natural essential compounds. So it provides complete protection for sensitive teeth, protects them from corrosion, strengthens the enamel layer and reinforces it. It also helps repair the sensitive areas, maintain healthy gums, and restores the natural whiteness of teeth.

Brand business areas

Over time, acidic foods and beverages erode tooth enamel, making teeth prone to decay as well as other diseases that may affect the gums, so we have developed SoWhite toothpaste to address these problems.
– “Shining White” toothpaste : It is provided with fluoride specially designed to help protect teeth against corrosion due to acids and maintain healthy gums.

– “Sensitive teeth” toothpaste: It is characterized by its unique composition of fluoride and calcium concentrates. It provides an integrated treatment of sensitive teeth against pain and leaves a sense of cleanliness and a refreshing mint flavor that will revitalize your mouth, protect you from decay, and strengthen tooth enamel.