Madar Renzo

Madar Brand was launched in late 1980s as a leading brand in the field of detergents and home care. It gained great popularity, spread widely and become a leading brand in this field.
Today, after more than 30 years of launching the Brand, and after having gained the satisfaction of users all over the world, it turned to be a global brand with a name of gold in the field of detergents.

Brand business areas
Madar specializes in the areas of clothes care and home care detergents. There is no one house that does not have one of Madar products.

Clothes Care Products
Madar Brand specializes in clothes care field any pays high attention to it. It provides proper care for clothes and keeps them clean and smell good throughout the day. The brand has a wide range of clothes care products including: automatic washing powder, normal washing powder, black laundry detergent, white laundry detergent, laundry bleacher among others.

Home Care Products
Taking care of the house and keeping it free of any germs is the goal of any housewife in this world. To help in this, we provided products that help. Today, after more than 30 years of work, the housewife confidence increased in our products which became the first choice in any home. This motivated us to work harder to enhance this confidence.
The Brand has a wide range of home care products, including: Washing gel for sensitive hands, washing liquid for sensitive hands, multi-use home care detergent, toilet detergents, Air freshener and more.