Get Tol

Get Brand was launched in the 1990s as a leading brand in the field of personal care and home care. It gained great popularity, spread widely and become a leading brand in this field.
Today, after more than 20 years of launching the Brand, and after having gained the satisfaction of users all over the world, it turned to be a global brand through a wide range of its products with a name of gold around the world.

Brand business areas
GET specializes in personal care and home care. It spread widely and gained users’ satisfaction, to turn into one of the world’s leading brands today.

Home Care Products
After years of research and development, and proceeding from our constant concern to meet the needs of housewives to ensure their home are free from the germs and maintain it clean all the time, GET Brand products diversified to meet these needs.
GET products include the general detergents, kitchen detergents, glass polisher, GET Tol sterilizer, carpet shampoo and cream cleaner.

Personal care products
Personal care is the most concern of people all over the world. Over the past 20 years, we sought to provide the various products to meet their need. GET personal care products are among the most important products that obtained the trust and satisfaction of users. They include toilet soap, liquid soap, and instant hand sterilizer (Touch).
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