Olive Brand was launched in late 1990s as a leading brand in the field of personal care and hair care. It gained great popularity, spread widely and become a leading brand in this field.
Today, after more than 20 years of launching the Brand, and after having gained the satisfaction of users all over the world, it turned to be a global brand with a name of gold around the world.

Brand business areas
Oliva specializes in the areas of personal care and hair care, where the confidence of users was our cornerstone in the field of personal care and hair care. Over the years, Oliva products diversified and became a golden mark that meets the users’ different needs

Personal care products
Personal care is the most concern of people all over the world. Over the past 20 years, we sought to provide the various products to meet their need. Today, Oliva personal care products are of the most important products that gained the confidence and satisfaction of users.
It products include: Oliva Lotion Cream, Oliva Gel Shower, Oliva Soap, and other products that have satisfied you.

Hair Care Products
Hair care is a goal we all strive to achieve. Through our extensive experience over years, we endeavored to develop products in a variety of natural ways to make our users able to reach this goal. Hair care products have been varied to include: Oil substitute, Oliva shampoo for curly hair, Oliva shampoo for dyed hair, Oliva shampoo for greasy hair, Oliva shampoo for dry hair, Oliva shampoo for normal hair, Oliva shampoo for children and others.